Mundo do Cinema, by Jr. Schutt Costa . 13/03/2014

Mundo do Cinema, by Jr. Schutt Costa . 13/03/2014
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cinema ed 1670 20140313“XINGU” ****

In order to escape out of the boredom of their small village, three brothers pretend being ignorant laborers to enlist in the Government’s plan to build a road crossing the Rain Forest in 1943’s Central Brazil. They make an important statement as they’re getting ready to leave, confirming their only intention of experiencing adventures but as soon as they arrive at their destination, becoming aware of the incredible development they’re assigned with, they come to their real senses, understanding their mission on that journey.

Based on the true story of the Villas-Boas Brothers, who were the first white Brazilian men to make contact with the indigenous tribes inhabiting the Amazon, starting with the Xingu people, Cao Hamburger’s exhilarating and inspiring drama sets its political , social and humanitarian issues apart, displaying a marvelous look on each of these aspects through the aspirations of the brothers: they become familiar with the tribe, living among them while accomplishing their task, and when a flu epidemic kills most of the Indians they decide to fight for their rights and preservation building a National Park. The story makes a coherent study of characters demonstrating the impact the circumstances cause on the men and the Indians and also showing how each of the brothers develop a role on the process of exploration; Claudio is dedicated to communicating and studying the contrast and differences between civilization and savagery; Orlando is the one who deals directly with the Authorities negotiating the benefits for both parts, and the youngster Leonardo gets caught up by his youth desires. They must accomplish their mission and duty to the Government, and they know they’re dealing with the determination for progress of the highest Power as much as they feel the need to educate and save the tribe.

Director Hamburger builds a transforming tension throughout the vigorous narrative, depicting the brothers’ process of gaining maturity, discovering the dangers and joy of life, and the rules of capitalism. In this latest political aspect, Hamburger gets credit for pointing to important and undisclosed matters such as the American influential push and the ambitious pressure established by the Power, capable of devouring anything in order to reach their goals.

cinema ed 1670 20140313

Produced by Oscar nominee Fernando Meirelles, the film is supported by high quality techniques proving the talent of emerging Brazilian professionals such as the astonishing cinematography by Adriano Goldman with grandiose aerial shots, the River and the depths of the jungle, and the emotive music by Beto Villares. The brothers are played by Felipe Camargo, Caio Blat and João Miguel as Claudio. Undoubtedly João gives a fantastic performance overshadowing the other actors, adding the pacifist leader character to his brilliant career which includes memorable roles as “Matraga” and “A Beira do Caminho”.

Told with fascinating, precise and sensitive language, the film reveals its facts of devastation, becoming shocking and heartbreaking as the audience can hear the cry of a people forced to leave themselves behind. (Opens Friday at Cinema Village, 22 East 12th Street, NYC)

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