Mundo do Cinema, by Jr. Schutt Costa . 10/09/2015

Mundo do Cinema, by Jr. Schutt Costa . 10/09/2015
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Two of the most versatile performers in contemporary cinema gather in this small gem conceived by Spanish director Isabel Coixet, providing an irresistibly thoughtful duet. Patricia Clarkson and Ben Kingsley give superb performances as two strangers who meet by fate and become the most essential mentor for what’s next in their lives. They are both dealing with the insecurity of loneliness, as she’s been abandoned by her husband after a long-term relationship, and he’s trying to arrange an international marriage. She decides leaving Manhattan to visit her daughter and write, and must learn to drive; that’s how they meet again, as the instructor’s lessons reveal to be much more spirited and life guiding than just driving skills. Director Coixet observes their developing relationship with a deeply sensitive look that captures the decisive moment when human beings let go their mask and surrender to the need of each other’s comprehension. She introduces both characters as strong adults, expressing a light arrogance as a form of defense; soon, she discloses the secrets, expectations and longing of their hearts, revealing the virtues they preserve, despite the transformations and interests of modernity. The director also spreads the need of finding love through the narrative, as a backdrop to discuss important issues, such as immigration, capitalism, faith and prejudice. This aspect is also examined in the secondary characters, the woman who arrives from India, the daughter who recently broke up and a young man who hides at his girlfriend’s from the immigration agents, as they are all motivated by the natural force of love. Coixet created a marvelous and humorous dramedy, a deeply moving experience about believing in yourself for as long as the journey lasts.

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Inspired by true stories, Caetano Gotardo’s contemplative and melancholic drama examines the joy and sorrow of motherhood through three separate stories interconnected by the same element: loss and grieving. The film opens with a passive atmosphere focusing on a mother’s tasks, and her devotion to the youngster. The tranquility of the family home is abruptly exchanged when secrets are exposed, as the film states its target: depicting the silent agony of a mother’s desperation. In the second take, Gotardo captures the anxiety of a mother on her way to meet the son she was taken from at birthplace and wraps up with a heartbreaking look at another tragic situation. The young Brazilian director demonstrates incredible sensibility with the material, and authenticity as he literally chose to sing away the pain of his characters with gut-wrenching songs. Also, the actors embody the traces of tragedy with extreme honesty, making it a well-done piece of modern art. (Opens Friday at Cinema Village, NYC)


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