Dr. Roshin responde as perguntas dos leitores

Dr. Roshin responde as perguntas dos leitores
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dr_roshin“Hi Doc.  I have diabetes and feel full alot of times.”  Why. plz tell me?  ( WJ, New Jersey)

Dear  WJ,

After visiting with you on Facebook this past weekend, more than likely you have a medical condition called diabetic gastroparesis.  Gastroparesis is delayed emptying  of food from the stomach into the small intestine, which explains why you “feel full a lot of times.”  Gastroparesis is caused by uncontrolled blood sugar levels effecting the nerves which cause stomach muscle contraction.  Without muscle contractions, the food you eat is indigestible and transport into the small intestine is very slow or absent.   Although no cure exists for gastroparesis, maintaining your blood sugar levels in the normal range with the use of medication, along with changes in diet (fibrous fruits and vegetables, soups, pureed foods, water)  will help promote normal digestion.

Please discuss with your physician, those medications that will control your Type I Diabetes Mellitus condition.  In addition, discuss with your doctor the possibility of using metoclopramide or erythromyocin, two medications that will cause the stomach muscle to churn the food and propel the digested food into the small intestine.   Based on your past medical history and allergies, your doctor will prescribe the best medications for you.  Thank you for your question and trust.



Dr. Roshin


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