Dr. Roshin responde as perguntas dos leitores

Dr. Roshin responde as perguntas dos leitores
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dr_roshin“I have been have a sharp pain in my lower left side at the bottom of my large intestine for the past month. Is it something i should start worrying about. This pain occurs everyday especially while I walk or stand too long.”  (Teen from South Africa)

Dear Teen from South Africa,

After our Facebook chat this past week, I wish to express that I was impressed that you being a “15 years old turning 16” year old young man is intelligent and attentive enough to seek help for your medical concern(s).   Although you mentioned experiencing pain for “A month” in the lower left side of your abdomen, the picture I requested you send me, showed you pointing to the area of pain that was actually located in your right lower quadrant.  Therefore, pain in either the right or left lower quadrants, with “Recently i have been nausea” suggests the IMMEDIATE need to rule out a possible appendicitis.  If you have a developing appendicitis, you must go to the hospital or see a doctor immediately to ensure the appendix (an organ) does not rupture (break open).  If the appendix ruptures, bacteria and a lot of bad “bugs” will flow into your blood, causing you to become very sick with the possibility of death.  Since you told me that you have “Never” visited a doctor in your life, right now, wake up your parents, and tell your mom and dad that your lower abdominal pain is causing you much distress, and you need to go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY.

You asked, “What happens if i have appendicitis.  Will i get mediaction or will they operate.”

The doctor will order tests and images of your abdomen.  If on the picture of your abdomen, the image shows the appendix is set to rupture, the doctors will do surgery immediately. Remember, surgery, to remove the appendix, is necessary to prevent possible death.  However, if the picture does not indicate the appendix is in danger of rupturing, the doctors will check other possible causes of your abdominal pain.  Yes, medicines could be used depending on what is positively identified as the cause of your pain.

You asked, “What other possibilities are there causing this pain.”

After visiting with you, I believe the doctor should also check for gastroenteritis, lactose intolerance, and trauma, all of which are medical conditions that could be the source of your abdominal pain.   One diagnosis that is particularly concerning is trauma.  When I asked you, “Have you been hit by anyone in your abdomen?” you said “People at school sometimes my brother.  Only sometimes like out of the they punch my then there’s pain for a while.”    Please, make sure you tell your doctor that people have hit you in your abdomen.   Also, tell your brother to stop hitting you, especially since you are experiencing pain from his punches.

I am humbled you connected with me on Facebook, and immediately requested my help.  Please keep me updated, and know I send prayers for treatment of your health concerns.  God Bless you and God Bless South Africa.


Dr. Roshin

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