Movies Reviews: A star-packed season of Award Contender Flicks

Movies Reviews: A star-packed season of Award Contender Flicks
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By Roger Costa


Following up his acclaimed debut “Nightcrawler”, Oscar nominee writer-director Dan Gilroy’s new project brings Denzel Washington in another phenomenal performance, this time around, showcasing his comic skills as a determined attorney getting a makeover when his ordinary company is bought by an ambitious businessman, played by a handsome, renewed Colin Farrell. When opportunity comes, the awkwardly dressed, goofy lawyer sees himself flirting with the Mafia, tempting him into corruption and malpractice of his title. Though different in aesthetic from the intensity that impressed on his thrilling debut, Gilroy continues to pave his own terrain, seducing and entertaining with this cynical puzzle on capitalism and professional integrity. (A Columbia Pictures Release. Now Playing wide.)


An accomplished, crowd-pleasing Hollywood-realistic-fable for the entire family and a vehicle meant to raise awareness for issues and rights of disabled children, Stephen Chbosky’s dramedy follows the experiences of a young boy, born with a disfigured-face, and the reactions who support him, his parents, sister, and eventually classmates. Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson brilliantly embody the struggle of the parents, while 11 year-old Jacob Tremblay (who became famous playing the son in Oscar winning film “Room”) conquers the audience with a heartbreaking portrait of a child fighting for the right of living normally. Funny and heartwarming, Chbosky examines with preciseness this important material, reflecting on tolerance and acceptance. (A Lionsgate Films Release. Now Playing wide.)


Director Dee Rees’ American saga of racism and violence, family values, passion and patriotism in Post-World War II rural Mississippi, is a masterful work that puts her straight up among the most accomplished filmmakers of 2017. An almost-perfect extravagant work conceived with mesmerizing techniques, such as the astonishing cinematography, music and editing, the film presents the lives of two families, a black and a white, living the nightmares of racial conflicts, while trying to make it through a scarce, uncertain period. They are neighbors, yet living and respecting the racial-divided traditions, until it becomes out of hand. Crafted as an anxious, boiling pot of harmful emotions served with powerful performances from the entire cast, including Carey Mulligan as the ambiguous wife, and Jason Mitchell as the war hero still dealing with prejudice; But it’s Jonathan Banks, who steals the show, exceeding in arrogance and cruelty as the veteran Pappy, the white family’s grandfather. Shocking and devastating, it’s undoubtedly one of the best films ever made about racial conflict. (A Netflix Release. Now playing at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas.)


This is the movie you need to see now. Frances McDormand is sure to score an Oscar nod for this courageous, fierce portrait of a woman seeking justice for her raped and murdered daughter. Her target is the police chief played by Woody Harrelson, a prudent family man dealing with a health condition, and his partner an alcoholic detective still living with his mom, played by Sam Rockwell. This trio give respectful knockout performances, creating incredibly jaw-dropping chemistry. A smart, explosive, timeless, provocative dark comedy, that will intrigue, delight, dazzle and break your heart, Director Martin McDonagh scores his most accomplished film to date, but most important, he gives life to this year’s best screenplay. There won’t be a story more striking than this. (A Fox Searchlight Release. Now playing wide.)



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