MoMA’s The Future of Film is Female

MoMA’s The Future of Film is Female
19 julho 10:19 2018 Imprimir

By Roger Costa


An instant cult classic, director Coralie Fargeat’s aggressively inventive debut is also one of the most visually daring films of the year. Its vigorous imagery, blend of violence, dark humor, horror, social commentary and hallucinating bloodshed, makes it an accomplished surprise, a small gem that will certainly round up many critics and filmgoers faves’ lists. An American hottie is visiting her married lover in a remote area, when her sexy looks lead the men to commit a horrendous abusive crime. In a surrealistic turn, the young woman returns to avenge her death, and the hunt for her predators is a fabulously violent, sarcastic, refreshingly gripping take on the Western/zombie genre. With such talent, and firm hands to action and visual aesthetic, it won’t be too long until Hollywood tries to take Fargeat in. (Neon. Screens 7/27 and 8/2.)


In this refreshingly offbeat romantic comedy directed by newcomer Maysaloun Hamoud, three very different fierce Palestinian young women share an apartment in contemporary Tel Aviv, raising topics of feminism, equality and prejudice with coherent perspectives. Through these women’s process of growing up, socializing and earning their role and respect in a male-driven society, director Hamoud comfortably displays her humanitarian statement: a determined lawyer, a lesbian bartender and a devoted bride-to-be student. The smartly structured narrative observes the development of their truthful and confident friendship as each experiences same aspects of female abuse, lack of family support and prejudice, all while trying to make a living and a career, as well as just trying to get respect for being themselves, young women who want to succeed, to love, and to celebrate living. It’s an exciting debut introducing the authenticity of a perceptive new filmmaker. (Film Movement. Screens 7/29 and 8/1.)


A popular, devoted figure among the entire Arabic world, singer Oum Kulthum gave solace to many with her inspiring voice, during crucial social and political moments over the latest generations. Directed by Shirin Neshat, in collaboration with Shoja Azari, the film follows the struggle of an Iranian filmmaker in search of the right woman to play the diva’s role in her production. Visually seductive and impressively structured as a film-within-a-film, the actresses give superb performances while the thoughtful narrative displays the similarities between the obstacles each faces. Though it won’t give details on the singer’s private life or career, the film provides exuberant musical moments as a way of revealing the interpreter’s reaction towards her listeners. A passionate portrait on the transforming power of music and film, and the essential role of women in the creative field, this masterly shot drama is a meditative and delicately sincere journey of artistic fulfillment. (The Match Factory. Screens 7/26 thru 8/2.)


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