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Women On Top of Their Games


By Roger Costa


In this vigorous thriller, a doctor sails the African seas on her own in search of a never-explored island but turns out her discovery is quite shocking and unexpected. After a storm puts herself at risk, she becomes a witness to one of modernity’s highest fears: facing the moral decisions of helping a group of refugees. As she watches people jumping from the ship and sinking into the ocean, she calls the authority but it’s useless. Though against the orders taken, she rescues one of them and in an act of compassion, embraces the cause to care and protect him. Director Wolfgang Fischer conceived a master class of suspense, elaborating visual and sound effects with enhanced, vivid complexions, also richly supported by Susanne Wolff’s electrifying performance. Thought-provoking and alarming, it’s a nail-biting experience and an important call for human negligence and the refugee crisis. (Film Movement. 2/28. Film Forum NYC.)


Extremely well articulated and utterly original, Icelandic director Benedikt Erlingsson’s sophomore feature addresses ecological disasters, abandon and adoption, and humanitarian values with wry, smart humor. A fast paced comic thriller, Halla, the revolutionary protagonist is putting down the electric cables in her hometown. Her criminal/heroic activity is to defend the area, now surrounded by Chinese companies; Actress Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir demonstrates impressive ability and resistance, in both comedy and action- she is constantly running and hiding from the cops with the help of a local farmer. When she’s not fighting the system, she seeks advise with her spiritualist twin sister, and coordinates a choral. Consumed by loneliness, she anxiously expects to adopt a little girl from Ukraine, a victim of war. Among its fascinating creativity, one highlight is the inclusion of the musicians to the story- they’re present everywhere delivering the film’s score, as ghosts only seen by the spectator. Developing the story with accuracy and creating an affecting connection to Halla’s reasons, Erlingsson crafts a brilliantly funny, adventurous and moving antidote for boredom, just call it the ‘Wonder Woman’ from overseas. (Magnolia. 3/1. IFC Center and Landmark West 57.)


Acclaimed German director Christian Petzold continues his explorations on complex female characters with this enigmatic noir romance, darkly blending past and present, to comment on the right to be a citizen of the world and all the barriers created by political divisions. The focus here is on Franz Rogowski who plays the protagonist Georg, a mysterious runaway man carrying the identity of a respected writer, while trying to obtain visas to escape Nazis and persecution. During his journey, and through the inspirations of the writer’s last manuscript, he will be affected by three women: the widow of his runaway partner, a bitter dog walker and Marie (the amazing Paula Beer), the writer’s wife, whose vulnerability will enchant and defy him. As she seeks for the missing husband, he keeps the facts for himself, in order to invest in his sudden, prohibited passion. He also develops a father-son relationship to a clandestine boy, raising the question whether he should leave or stay. Seductively shot, atmospheric, and sumptuously narrated by the barman, Petzold scored another goal in his career, fearlessly undressing his unease players to create an incendiary and timely puzzle about desire, politics and frontiers. (Music Box Films. 3/1. IFC Films and Landmark West 57.)



Oscar nominated Dev Patel gives another powerful performance in this thriller directed by acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom. Set as an intriguing road movie, Patel plays a British man travelling around India and Pakistan under very suspicious circumstances. After we learn of his preparations for a possible crime attempt, his luggage filled with various passports and plenty of guns, the film introduces a young wealthy woman with whom he will collide. Following orders, he abducts her just in time to intervene her unwanted wedding. Moved by his greed and fanaticism, he keeps her hostage, driving across the countries, hiding out and waiting for the reward. Despite the tumultuous situation they’re both in, a mutuality of mixed feelings start to consume them, and soon they will surrender to passion, putting their first connection on hold. Patel demonstrates maturity with this role, and brilliantly delivers perfect chemistry alongside Radhika Apte, his wife-to-be victim. Suspenseful, intelligent and perceptive, Winterbottom inserts high levels of adrenaline to the story, keeping it entirely exciting and thrilling. (IFC Films. 3/1. IFC Center and Landmark West 57.)

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