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Family Bond at Open Roads: New Italian Cinema 2019


By Roger Costa


Director Edoardo De Angelis’ latest project is an audacious look at sex trafficking and human abuse set in a remote oceanside community infested with members of a criminal operation. Pina Turco gives a fierce performance as Maria, the young prostitute who used to help her merciless aunt boss in the operation of pregnant women’s imprisonment and baby trafficking, but now is on the run herself, trying to save and keep her unborn infant. As she sets foot around the island, she’ll learn her inhumane activities had caused more cruelty to local minors than she ever imagined. De Angelis scores his most important and accomplished film yet, an intense, shocking and revelatory exposé of human cruelty. (Screens June 6.)


In this enchanting and very charming comedy, Alba Rohrwacher stars as a single mother and aspiring architect with divine connections. She is the “fixer” who makes a living trespassing construction sites, giving accurate suggestions on their behalf, turning herself into a supervisor. In one of these operations, she receives a miraculous visit from the Virgin Mary who demands a church must be built in a site where a mega corporation is investing tons of money. Rohrwacher is amazing on her comedic turn, a lovable, strong yet dependable and fragile persona, traversing a personal crisis at the same time she’s doing her best to properly raise her teen daughter. Winner of the Label Europa Prize at last year’s Cannes, director Gianni Zanasi conceives a brilliant soft-comedy about faith, family and feminine empowerment. (Screens June 10, 12.)


Presenting a rare sensibility, Federico Bondi’s sophomore project is a feel good dramedy that won’t let you go. It’s like love at first sight: as the film introduces its protagonist, a smart and perceptive young woman with Down Syndrome, it deeply grabs your heart with its inspirational story of resilience and optimism. Dafne is dealing with her mother’s sudden death, while trying to comfort and show her father that hope should remain alive; She’s impressively independent, a brave and hard-worker Millennial making her own decisions. Her biggest challenge is to rescue her relationship with her father, confirming their mutual importance and emotional co-dependence. Actress Carolina Raspant gives a breakthrough, highly dramatic performance as the title role. Along with Antonio Piovanelli, who plays her father, they create magnificent, sensitive moments of father/daughter redemption, while in an adventure to visit her mother’s grave. Winner of the FIPRESCI Prize at 2019 Berlin, it’s a very touching, triumphant original work. (Screens June 7.)


Two estranged brothers are reunited for a life-changing experience in this modern drama masterly directed by Valeria Golino. She splits the attention towards a wealthy bohemian gay architect and his gravely ill brother, a conservative and married man. Revealing their motives, fears, and life expectations, Golino deeply investigates a double male crisis, as each of them is confronted by their own choices of living and loving: while the bohemian cannot find true love, despite his crowded social/sexual activities, the other is in total negligence of it, rejecting it all. In her sophomore work, Golino proves to be on the right track as a fearless female director, conceiving an elegant, passionate tale about family bond, resentment and compassion. (Screens June 8, 12.)

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