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A Woman’s Journey for Identity, Healing and Revenge


By Roger Costa


An intimate and intense portrait of a young woman’s journey for identity, healing and acceptance, this latest collaborative work by filmmakers Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor is an enigmatic psychological thriller with a subtly feminist message.

While engaged on her studies on veterinarian science, Rose unveils her adoption’s files learning of her biological parents’ whereabouts. She decides to come forward and meet them, but maintain her secrecy and motives to herself, until there’s a possibility to form a bond with her actress mother, unburying traumas and nightmares from the past. When she finally approaches her father, a wealthy writer/archeologist, using a disguise, she clashes with the brutal reality of a male dominant society, and the abusive manners faced by fragile women.

Elegantly shot, structured as a puzzle about principles, family failures and abuse, this #metoo revenge tale blends drama, suspense and social commentary with unexpectedly magnificent results.

Nominated for the Best Film Award by the London Film Festival, it is a provocative, complex and timely female-driven character study.

(Film Movement. 3/19. In Theaters and Virtual Cinemas.)

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