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Mundo do Cinema, by Jr. Schutt Costa . 23/05/2013


“EPIC 3D” ****

After losing her mother, a 17 year-old girl arrives at an isolated area, where her estranged father lives, to spend some time trying to understand him and adapt to his scientific behavior. He is considered mad, due to his persistency in studying creatures he claims inhabit the forest surrounding the property. Sort of disappointed with the whole situation, dealing with her mom’s death, being away from the city, and facing her dad’s paranoia, in a sudden moment of hopelessness she tries to escape away, but she is actually about to discover and experience, exactly what she doubts the most, which is her dad’s convictions, the existence of an enchanted world of tiny people and animals living into the woods.

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In this magical and mystical tale, the Leafmen’s world is in battle, a conflict between good and evil puts everyone in risk, and once Mary Katherine, or M.K. as she prefers, is aware of the danger of destruction, she must join forces to find a way out to preserve the living species, teaming up with an elite band of warriors, and a crew of comical, larger-than-life figures. All they need is to keep safe a pod from the evil forces, chosen by the Queen, to bloom over the Full Moon, and preserve the peace in their miniature world.

Academy Award Winner director and producer Chris Wedge, creator of great hits such as the “Ice Age” franchise, “Robots” and the delightful “Rio”, introduces the audience to a fantastic world of extravagant colors, charismatic and hilarious characters, showing all his skills throughout the design of the landscape, and the glooming of the magical place.

Children will have a blast, while parents have an opportunity to absorb the optimistic message of family struggles to remain together supporting each other, discussing modern social issues, specially the characteristics of contemporary youth, their behavior and also beliefs. A super size Fun for the entire family.

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Danny Boyle’s latest “TRANCE” is a confusing art heist film, his weakest to date, although checking out Rosario Dawson’s Brazilian wax is a must. On the same path, “PLACE BEYOND THE HILLS” brings two great performers, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, but they are overshadowed by the film’s dragging narrative. “GREAT GATSBY” looks like a soap opera, but has its moments of glamour, nothing else. “STAR TREK” is an amazing journey and “ICE MAN” delivers Michael Shannon’s best performance yet, and it’s a satisfying violent tale of compulsion.

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