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Acclaimed director Robert Zemeckis is a real magician. No wonder he learned most of his techniques with master Steven Spielberg; the characteristic of a child in the playground, fantasizing in his private wonder world, coloring reality with dreams, is evident throughout his career, with films that talks and touches in many ways, but primarily reminds us of how adventurous a child’s imagination is. Films such as the “Back to the Future” trilogy, “Roger Rabbit”, “Forrest Gump” and “Cast Away” gave audiences of all ages worldwide memorable movie moments that remain relevant and accurate through the generations. As a complete movie magician, determined to entertain and to enchant, Zemeckis defies his own personal fear of heights, to depict the true story about the unstoppable dream of a man who’s willing to cross-walk on a wire on the top of the World Trade Center’s twin towers back in 1974. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing as the French high-wire artist Philippe Petit, with complete domain of the accent, minimalistic gestures and respectable expressions. One of the most versatile actors of his generation, Joseph is on path to glory as this year’s awards-season leading man.

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He completely disappears into his character, persuading the audience to eyewitness his madness; as he stands on the top of Liberty Statue, with the towers on his back, he narrates the story, explaining how he became a street artist and revealing details about his life-challenging plan. He meets a bunch of young anarchists to join him on his trip to America, as well as a love-partner who tries to keep him in shape, wonderfully played by Charlotte Le Bon, and the charming photographer played by New-Yorker Ben Schwartz. They engage themselves in what seems to be the riskiest adventure of all, including spying on the construction site of the towers. Influenced by the dangerously mad enthusiasm of Philippe’s dream, they comply with the plan, which means challenging the authorities, the law of balance and life itself. Director Zemeckis conducts the spectacle as a child playing with a new toy: he knows exactly how to explore the latest technology resources in his hands, making the best use of it, manipulating and hypnotizing the audience, giving the chance to experience something never felt before. The visual effects, as well as the sound design, the cinematography and the editing should all appear as Awards contenders. Heart-stopping, mind-blowing and capable of causing nausea and awe at the same time, this once in a lifetime real event became a one-of-a-kind movie experience. Prepare for the unimaginable. (Playing limited. Opens wide Oct 9th)

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