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Blaming Ego for Failure, Seeking the Light of Survival


By Roger Costa


Thanks to the advances of technology, modern people with disabilities are able to fulfill their needs and reach out their goals and accomplishments, as the digital system offers an almost infinite variety of helpful apps and other devices.

For a young, very talented and athletic woman suffering from blindness, the latest in tech’s intelligent tools seem to be the very best thing she’s ever wanted.

Sophie hasn’t been blind for a long time. She is in the process of recovering from a terrible accident which left her at such condition. She feels anxious about her future, especially now that her brilliant skiing career has come to a halt. Still receiving offers to practice her sport in competitions, she becomes even angrier, especially when she is forced to walk away from a successful future every youngster in the world would dream of.

Planning to escape from the pressure and from her own ego constantly accusing her of failure, she gets out of town to respond to a cat-sitting job. As she sits in the back of the taxi on her way to perform the one-night gig, her mother calls her suggesting she could use a certain new app, called “See for Me”, where an attendant guides a blind person through any event or situation. Little she knows, the app will be the most essential tool of survival in the next hours of her life.

As she arrives at the mansion located at a remote area, she makes herself useful and gets straight to the job, with the same intensity she has to discover the place on her own terms and limits. That’s when she gets locked out of the place, and calls the app seeking assistance. On the other side of the line, Kelly, an Army veteran, finds her an unlocked door and helps her inside the home again. Later on that night, the mansion is unexpectedly invaded by three robbers seeking the vault, but she manages to hide, buying her sometime to make another request call to the app agent, this time seeking help in how to act and survive a home invasion.

Structured as a cat-and-mouse hunting experience, claustrophobically shot and executed, director Randall Okita’s Tribeca sensation adds a different flavor and twist to the home invasion genre, delivering an over the top thriller with brilliant results. Much of that attribute belongs to real-life vision impaired actress Skyler Davenport, making her feature length debut, a solid first-time performance that puts her on the radar as someone to watch. In the role of our protagonist, going through a personal crisis and facing a survivalist journey, she delivers a remarkable, impressively convincing performance built on tension, details and silent tones. Award-winning director Okita explores the traumatic and suspenseful situation with confidence and preciseness that even those that might not feel his chemistry, will at least agree that he knows exactly how to put up quite a haunting show.

(IFC Midnight. 1/7. IFC Center.)

Social Press . 07/01/2022

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