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A Runaway Bride’s Blood-Soaked Feminist Odyssey


By Roger Costa


It is never too extreme to double check on your future spouse’s previous record or to fully know their habits and skills. For a guy who is part of the secretive male society “The University” and has just been dumped by a runaway bride, things aren’t so easy to resolve. Neither he was expecting that his bride had some sort of “super-powers” at the combat field, able to defend herself with her ultra cool fighting strategies.

So, when he is rejected at the wedding day, he sends out his best man and groomsmen to look for her, and capture her alive…or dead. They are all part of the so-called merciless male institution known for not surrendering to any type of humiliation, including a marriage denial.

She isolates herself at a mansion, and confronts one by one, using her ability to fight, kick, punch and other uses of a variety of gun-like objects.

A brutal action thriller fueled by sarcasm, cynicism and a provocative look at the “male vs. female” battle, director Timothy Woodward Jr. provides high doses of bloodshed combats, blending the chilling concepts of “Kill Bill” and “Ready or Not” to his creative and original styles, and delivering a very efficient and entertaining result.

Actress Natalie Burns sets the screen on fire with her nuanced, calm and ready-to-kill performance. She responds to everything with serenity and preciseness, the same way she is completely prepared for a good old-fashioned fight. In the other side, the men who form the pack attacking her, appear as a re-imagining of the seven dwarfs plus the seven samurais. The pack is led by the always charismatic Cam Gigandet, as the Best Man, perfectly in synch with the blurs between comedy and terror of his character. He delivers some of the best jokes and crazy situations in the narrative, confirming his highly-skilled comedic tone.

Director Timothy Woodward Jr., who is the creator of the Final Destination series, crafts an irresistibly twisted and terrifying blood-soaked-fun-time, a contemporary slash-horror feminist protest.

(A CineVerse Release. Opens Friday, August 4th in Theaters.)

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