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Mundo do Cinema, by Jr. Schutt Costa . 01/08/2013



Alicia is running away from the horrors of war. She witnessed her village being burned down, and she is the only survivor. When she arrives at La Sirga, the residence of her uncle in a remote wetland area, surrounded by the cold fog, mountains and dark waters, she presents the symptoms of her trauma, looking for shelter and trying to get over the past. But the circumstances won’t let her go in peace so easily.

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Once she arrives, she’ll be touching everyone surrounding her, especially the men, who have their desire, and most deep feelings awaken due to her complexity and unexpected presence. While trying to survive her own nightmares, expressed every night, when she sleepwalks to the beach where she buries a candle, Alicia helps repairing the house, as they prepare to host tourists visiting the desolated Colombian area where the oil comes from, and gets to know around riding the boat along a young workman who’s obviously into her. In consequence of his solitude, and the absence of his outlaw son, the uncle is also confronted by the desires when he watches her privacy. When the son returns home, things get even more complicated, bringing them fear but also a defying moment of decision to move on with their ordinary lives.

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This beautiful drama directed by William Vega, is one of the simplest films ever made, that catches up the audience with its intriguing narrative and accentuated tension, creating a turbulence in the middle of nowhere. The scenario also contributes to that aspect, with gorgeous desolated landscapes, designing a mysterious sense of anxiety, where it all seems like something is about to collide. Besides the tension of her trauma, and the constant uncertainty and lack of perspective, there’s also a sexual tension, through her innocent eyes, the uncle’s forbidden desires, the curiosity of her cousin, and mostly through the ordinarily romantic rides she takes with the workman, who would be her best bet, a man carrying dignity, moral and integrity. The cinematography is an important key to the aesthetic of the film. The camera gives us extreme pleasure with images that are captured through unusual places, such as inside the boat, from inside the house, and between doors. The cast is also marvelous, especially Joghis Seudin Arias, who plays the protagonist Alicia, proving that just to look inside her eyes, we can see all the agony she’s experiencing. A poetic meditation on life itself. (On DVD. Visit

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