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MOVIE REVIEW: The Ups and Downs of an intense Love Story in Cannes winner “My King”


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By Roger Costa

Incredibly intense and suspenseful, “My King” narrates the complicated love story of two mature people, traversing a mid-life crisis and struggling to settle with their lives.

Emmanuelle Bercot was honored with the prestigious award of Best Actress in Cannes, which reveals the powerful content of her character, but the film belongs to both her, and Vincent Cassel, who plays the man of her life, fully described in the title.

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After surviving many misteps and break-ups, they meet during a night club party, and are suddenly involved with each other, building a heavenly relationship of mutual attraction and respect. They are both settled on their careers, she’s a lawyer and he is a wealthy restaurant owner, which leaves him to the duty of providing a sophisticated lifestyle as they eventually get married.

As any other marriage, conflicts will surge, challenging their sentiments, as well as their physical and mental strength.

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Directed by French actress/writer/director Maiwenn, “My King” is a complex and accurately raw portrait of a mature love story with all the obstacles and ups-and-downs of it: the inexplicable contentament of finding true love at unexpected circumstances, as well as allowing the risks of troubles that come along; the insecurities of age, financial status and abandonment; the unbalance of trust and loyalty, and the inevitable manipulation and hatred consequences.

The narrative presents these topics as our protagonist analyzes the pleasures and sufferings that could have caused her an accident, as she experienced years of complete dedication to the man who inspired her to jump into one more chance in love.

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Director Maiwenn conducts the complexity of this tumultuous romance with precise honesty, while the actors shine in heartbreaking and superb performances. With these ambiguous roles, the pair reaches a life-changing step in their careers, proving their dramatic capability that should be more constantly explored.

MY KING (Opens Friday, August 12th at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas NYC, followed by other cities. A Film Movement Release.)

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