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Mundo do Cinema, by Jr. Schutt Costa . 09/10/2014


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JAUJA ****

In the opening scene, a young girl with sadness in her eyes, asks her father to have a dog of her own, and she wants it to follow her everywhere she goes. Looking into the emptiness of the desert, her father tells her he’ll find a way to please her wish. Argentinian filmmaker Lisandro Alonso uses many dazzling techniques throughout this period drama, making it a stunning experience that the viewer just can’t take the eyes away, and can never get enough of the splendid beauty captured by the camera. A Danish General and his gorgeous daughter are trapped in the middle of the desert, located somewhere in South America, amidst the process of civilization. His encounter with other officials, indigenous people, villagers and other strange characters, points to one single target: his daughter. Since the beginning, there’s a sense of uncertainty regarding his relationship with her, and the reason why they are in that remote place. The man who assists orienting the facts of the area, makes clear his interest in presenting the daughter with a strong horse, in exchange for a chance of marrying her. That intrigues him and also frightens him, but the reasons are unclear. This aspect is reinforced by a sumptuous sexual tension predominant throughout the narrative. Viggo Mortensen plays the General, giving a fantastic and ambiguous performance, especially when she runs away, and he delves into the desert desperately searching for her. The quest is punctuated by his despair and the madness experienced as he journeys the desert, running over dangerous, eccentric and mystical figures that could provide some help or destroy his hope. The film gains a surrealistic atmosphere when he meets a widow living in a cave, resembling familiar characteristics as if he would look at himself through the woman’s perspectives. Majestically conceived, strongly performed and filled with breathtaking images, suspense, poetry and subtle subjects, Alonso proves to be a naturally talented storyteller. (Playing at 52nd New York Film Festival)

mundo do cinema ed1700 20141009 (2)DVD: FOR A WOMAN

Diane Kurys’ Romantic drama set in France during WW2, examines the emotional turbulence caused over a dedicated housewife, conflicted with the arrival of her brother-in-law, a mysteriously handsome refugee who’s working on a risky plan to avenge his people from the Nazis. Director Kurys focuses her lens into the emotions of the protagonists, the wife divided by her responsibilities and the impulses of love, and the husband struggling with the transformations brought by the visitor, but also explores the traumas of war, patriotism, loyalty and compassion with accuracy. (On DVD by Film Movement)

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