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Five Essential Picks at DOC NYC 2021


By Roger Costa


A triumphant celebration of the living, filmmaker Heddy Honigmann explores the routine of a group of centenarians who broke out the longevity statistics and are happily enjoying the transformations of modern days as they reach the past mark of 100 years old. While they navigate their memories, perspectives and hopes for the future, sharing their experiences and thoughts on now-a-days living, the film introduces us to an amusing, remarkable and deeply moving statement on the importance of a healthy and optimistic lifestyle, perseverance, and gratitude, despite all the obstacles in life.


Director Alessandro Rossellini, grandson of the master Roberto Rossellini, gathers his entire family for an unpredictable and revelatory chronicle of their legacy, fame, scandals and love affairs, unveiling secrets and mysteries of one of the world’s most renowned and talented cinematic families. Featuring intimate and personal testimonies from his aunt Isabella Rossellini, and other relatives, the director crafts an immersive and brilliantly intriguing exposition of family ties and traumas, as he digs up the past seeking for answers for their troubled emotions, vices, pride and inner conflicts.


Director Holly Morris and an all-women crew document the incredibly risky, life-changing and courageous journey of a group of women uniting forces during an expedition on the North Pole. Setting their goal of skiing to the top of the world facing obstacles and life-threatening risks, as well as battling sexism, frostbite and polar bear attacks, they reveal important aspects of resilience and eagerness while analyzing the global climate changing. Engaging and unflinching, it is a triumphant survivalist tale.


Award-winning filmmaker Julia Bacha chronicles the inflammatory American culture of political boycott with focus on the actions taken against Israel in the last 30 years, and how it has afflicted many lives here and all over the world. As it introduces the cases of a publisher, an attorney and a teacher, all threatened by these measures, the director paints a timely and urgent canvas of a failed democracy and the threats to freedom of speech. (World Premiere 11/14.)


Eadweard Muybridge is considered one of the most influential photographers who ever lived. With interviews from experts, historians, and lifelong enthusiasts like Gary Oldman, this wide-ranging biography unearths little-known details of one of the primary forerunners of cinema and allows modern audiences to discover the man behind the lens. (World Premiere 11/13.)


(The largest and most important Documentary Festival in America, DOC NYC 2021 runs November 10-28 featuring In-Person Screenings at Chelsea Cinepolis, SVA Theater and IFC Center, and available Virtually nationwide. Go to for details.)

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