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Reshaping Modern Storytelling at First Look Festival 23


By Roger Costa


An observational and meditative ode to Vienna and the pursuit for urbane accomplishment, Argentinian director Gastón Solnicki offers another example of his stylish and unique narrative skills with this cerebral, fascinating and strange experiment. Gathering Greek actress Angeliki Papoulia (known for her performances for Yorgos Lanthimos) playing herself and Carmen Chaplin (granddaughter of Charlie), as a pair of wanders seeking the perfect apartment, the filmmaker brilliantly delivers an abstract, absorbing and intriguingly odd portrait of cultural exchanges, anxiety, displacement and uneasiness amidst the hurdles of isolation and unexpected changes.

(Screens Sunday, 3-19 with Live Event and Q&A.)


After gaining international acclaim with such gems as “Hospitalite”, “Harmonium” and “A Girl Missing”, Japanese writer-director Kôji Fukada continues to prove he is among the best auteurs of our times. Centering his stories around family bonds, conflicts, tragedies and the power of resilience, Fukada returns with this sensitive, heartbreaking drama about a family coming to terms with their pasts after a sudden tragedy strikes. As the protagonists face moral dilemmas, a journey through past connections surge, introducing new players to the puzzle (including a deaf Korean migrant) and allowing them to hold on to what’s left. Superbly performed, gorgeously shot and edited, Fukada addresses humanity, place, social and migration status, as well as the powerful language of silence, conceiving his most touching and impactful film yet.

(Oscilloscope Pictures will release it in theaters later this year.)


This immersive and engaging doc follows the intense, expansive attempts of three different professors in selecting the best works for an art contest show. Going through hundreds of applications, the Academy of Arts in Prague aim to find the next great artists, evaluating, teaching and guiding new students and aspiring provocateurs alike. Directors Adéla Komrzý and Tomáš Bojar get exclusive access to their selective process, intimately witnessing the impact it causes on their close knit relations, as well as the creative process of the students when they are given a new task and must come up with their best. The result is an important statement about compassion, respect and the passionate work of artists in search of an opportunity to shine.

(Film Movement will release the film theatrically later this year.)

(Presented by The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens, NYC,
FIRST LOOK FESTIVAL 2023 runs March 15-19 showcasing adventurous
filmmaking with screenings, live events and workshops. Go to for details.)


Atenção: Brasil retoma exigência de visto para turistas dos Estados Unidos, Austrália, Canadá e Japão

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