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Surviving Trauma & Socioeconomic Conflicts at San Sebastian Film Festival ’23


By Roger Costa


Belgian filmmaker Joachim Lafosse’s fictionalized adaptation on the polemic case of infamous lawyer Victor Hissel, accused of abuse and pornography by several victims, including a family member, is one of his most compelling and tragic works to date.

In this staggering new drama, Lafosse exposes trauma, abuse and dark secrets crashing into a family, as an estranged relative decides to unearth the past, surfacing some disturbing details about the sexual-abused relationship with his much older uncle. The effects of the investigation turn the family upside down, especially the young son who is crushed by the revelations, and the wife who must endure the appearances and the facts, while dodging media and society.

Anchored by stupendous performances by Emmanuelle Devos and Daniel Auteuil, it is a harsh, alarming and unflinching drama about the dark sides of human condition and its desires.


An absorbing, touching and empathic coming of age drama, Canadian filmmaker Henry Bernadet’s sophomore project is a vivid, realistic portrait of this generation’s struggle for survival, acceptance and belonging. Working with non-professional actors, Bernadet blends fiction and documentary, as the youngsters play a fictionalized version of themselves, with convincing and powerful results. The story follows a group of different kids, coming from immigrant families, who are forced to face their social and economic challenges while trying to make the best of their youth.

Abdel’s quiet life is upended by the arrival of his extroverted cousin, who’s staying for the summer. Fatima craves a more stable life since she’s starting a new job as a supermarket cashier. Toussaint, while fishing, finds a bottle washed up on the shore, and there’s a message inside. Each story is observed and told with preciseness and realism, creating an affecting sense of familiarity with its characters.

Influenced by the style of “Kids” and other films that portrait young adults in the margins, without victimizing them, Bernadet announces himself as a major humanitarian voice in world cinema.

(The 71st San Sebastian Film Festival runs thru September 30th. Go to for details.)

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